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Fruit Bruschetta

8 Apr

Good morning folks,
happy Sunday morning… I like so much on the week end getting up not so early (like a normally do!), dangling around home with my favorite cup of ginseng coffee, doing things in a very calm (and sometimes lazy) way!
coffee ginseng right
This morning I was craving something sweet: I like mini sweet snacks they allow you to curb cravings with just a few bites, or eat triple the amount you normally would because they are so tiny. It’s all about balance :)!!!

Then I decide to make some fruit bruschetta: I sliced and toasted a whole grain bread (called dark bread it’s from Nattura). Topped with fresh fruit, I used banana and organic orange. Also I added some coconut flakes, chia seeds and creamy homemade peanut butter: my perfect breakfast for this final days of winter. It’s also a great sping/summer breakfast…. Not to mention, it is colorful and full of flavor.vegan bruschetta
My simple mind enjoys eating items that are brightly colored.
If you are interest in why it’s so good to star your day with fruit I’d like to suggest to read this two articles:
1) Top five reasons start day fruit;
2) 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day With Fruit!!

Have a nice ad warm Sunday

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