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Why I choose Passion Planner…

25 Nov

A little disclaimer: this post isn’t sponsored! I’m writing this post because I’d like to share my experience with all of you.

Start from the beginning: It was an hot August and I was in the “September mood” or “fresh start mood”. The month of September for me it’s like a new white page like I was in school: new notebooks, new pencils, new pencil case and all sort of things… nw life, new ideas! Now that I’m working I’m feeling always the same when September starts!

Then I was looking for a new agenda/bullet journal/planner and suddenly after few minutes of research appeared on my pc a message like this “Passion Planner: the one place for all your thoughts“. I was intrigued by the idea to have a new way to look at my agenda filled of work to do list, study to do list, appointment, deadline, tips, idea and more… An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook: Epic!
I wrote in few post that I was using the Bullet Journal method and don’t get my wrong: it was a great great great way to see my progress and have everything in control. If you are like me that I didn’t do nothing fancy in my bullet journal (none of one to the beautiful doodle, decorations, colorful pages you can find on Pinterest: I stayed light and simple using few color, few key code etc) because I’m bad at drawing and I don’t have much time, the Bujo method was, for me, a different way to look ad my work/study/sport time and understand the tendency… It was great…I didn’t regret to use that but I don’t know … I was looking for something different and I found a distinctive trait in this planner.
I decide to participate and support the idea of Angelia Trinidad and I pledged for my Passion Planner. Suddenly I received an email thank me to support the project and with all of the instruction since then until the moment the project was fully supported  and Kickstarter was over ( and It was suddenly over!!!). They sent me an email every time they had news o special message and after the shipping they gave me two code to track my Planner: one in the US territory and the other for my country… I knew everyday where my planner was..another great point to this project!
P_20171125_152527And finally I received my planner!!! Yeahhhhh….. And first of all the package was clever: a black box named Box (so cute!) totally reusable to keep my precious things inside  and secondly two nice stickers. I opened the box and my Planner was exactly like the photos you can find all over the web and also It was exactly what I needed. it’ s printed on 100% recycled paper, with a no leather cover (perfect for my vegan lifestyle) and the best part is the for one planner you buy another planner will be give to another individual, organization or school  around the world and for one planner you buy a trees is planted: it isn’t great?!!! I had a lot or reasons to support Angelia and is project and in the same time give me the opportunity to use a great planner and test my ability to change tracking method and why not habits?! I highly recommend to give an eye to the website, just to know the entire project and see yourself the beauty and functionality of this planner. I don’t want to describe the way I intend to use my planner o talking about the layout/pages etc…the intent of my post it’s just to give you some tips, new idea and the curiosity to surf the web and search also other Kickstarter’s idea…the world is full of clever and sensible people!!!

Have a nice week end!

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