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A day in life: summer time

11 Aug

early morningGet up in the morning, early than the rest of the people around you is the best way to start you day.  I’m bit a fan of  “early morning productivity” because your mind is fresh, ready to elaborate concepts and ready to process things.
Usually I’m going to run or fitness walking or do some yoga’s poses… after moving my body and feeling I’m alive, I’d like to indulge in a healthy breakfast especially in the week end when I have more time to do so!

In this sunny morning of summer I started my day with a new product that I found in a local bio-vegan store: Harvest Moon coconut milk yogurt (a little disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with no one of the products that I talked/talk/will talk about. I’d like only to share my experience with this products).harvest moon1You can find the yogurt in two different taste: vanilla or chocolate. I choose vanilla, because in summer I usually don’t eat chocolate (in my mind is a winter food!).

smoothie1I blended the yogurt with some kiwi and hemp protein. I forgot to take photos of the final result but I’m assure you, it was delicious and boosted my body and my mood!

After breakfast we decided to go for a biking on the mountain, to exercise more and feeling connected with nature. It was an hard riding, I was exhausted but it was this kind of tiredness that you may like, because your mind is fresh and vigil and your body just a bit tired but feels healthy and more productive.

After that we prepared a fresh and light lunch to rehydrate the body.
We found organic strawberries at the local market, we added raw zucchini (we made spaghetti), cherries tomato, green beans and an apple.

We ended up our day with some snack (I have an addiction to peanut butter), chattering about the day and future plans, reading and try to enjoy every moments!

Have a nice week end!

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