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7 Jan

It was since April 2016 that I was away from here. A long time.
Like a pause of meditation when you’re in a complicated relationship. It was the same for me because I like the new technology that connect everyone everywhere but in the same time I’m so scared about privacy and identity’s thief and other same things.
It’s why I “broke up” with my blog… but when you love something it’s impossible to stay away for so long…I like to write about my day, mi ideas, my discoveries.
new-yearAnd I’m back!!! In the most precious time of the year: the beginning of the year, a fresh start to design in a realistic way my plans, my desires…me.
Because this is my home and after a long journey I came back, renovated, more mature and aware about me, my life, my future!
I noticed that no one have visited my blog…probably because there is nothing new or interesting but it’s ok because a didn’t write to be popular or famous but just for me, to re-order my thoughts and gave some useful tips to the people that accidentally came here.
And the same spirit is moving me to restart writing. One of my new year’s resolutions it’s to write more constantly here and share more things…I’ll hope to find the right time to do that and don’t be rough and hasty.

Few things to share:
Taller than a tree: a very moving real story about love, family and tradition in a part of the world where tradition and innovation are constantly in conflicts.
Crywolf: an eclectic musician who published an heartfull album named Cataclams: new, energetic and dramatic at the same time.
Books for livingis a treasure for everyone who loves books and loves to hear the answer to the question: “What are you reading?” .
Raw Vegan Turmeric Ginger Smoothie: an anti’inflamatory smoothie good for this season and very tasty!

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