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Racing Dawn: running it’s the best sports!

15 Oct

Hi everyone
just few lines about this book: Racing Dawn: How A Crazy Mom With 5 Kids Ran 12 Marathons by Dawn Lauti.
I bought this ebook on March but I started reading them only few day ago… I missed so much…It’s a very funny and at the same time introspective book from a self-described “ordinary person” who tackled 12 marathons in 12 months with a devoted husband and 5 kids in tow. Runners and non-runners alike will enjoy this story of a journey through aches, pains, sickness, joy, friendship, courage and inner strength.
It’s the best lecture for me by now that I’m preparing a little race after a few months of stop running and in a revolutionary period of my life where eveythings it’s going so fast and I’m running my life, eating that piece by piece…

Thank you Dawn to inspire and share so much!

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