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30 Aug


I run because I am an animal.
I run because it is part of my genetic wiring.
I run because millions of years of evolution have left me programmed to run.
And, finally,
I run because there’s no better way to see the sun rise and set

Amby Burfoot


Discovery of the week #1

22 Aug

First appointment with this news column: it’s about things that I saw in the week and I found very interesting.
I just want to change something and make this blog useful for all of you…

Sunology natural sunscreen SPF 50Sunology offers broad-spectrum sun protection using only natural active ingredients. It acts as a physical sunscreen, reflecting the sun’s harmful rays rather than absorbing them and nourishes the skin with inactive ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants, which promote healthy, more youthful skin when worn regularly. Sunology support causes that are reflective of our brand values and progressive nature. They are dedicated to the development of products for us and the environment.

Budget_Six Things Your Mom Forgot to Tell You About Adult Budgeting. An interesting (and funny) article about budget. Tracking your expenses is one of the key factors in making your budget work for you. If you do not know how much you have spent each month, you cannot tell tell when you have overspent. There are several options available to you track your expenses. One of the simplest is a written ledger or tracking system.
Six Things Your Mom Forgot to Tell You About Adult Budgeting

Truth about relationship. Our culture creates the expectation that life is supposed to be like a happy day at the beach, yet we all know that real life is far from a unilaterally joyful experience. Nowhere does our culture present a more skewed set of expectations than around intimate, long-term relationships. We expect sunshine and boxes of chocolates from romance, despite the fact that most of us witnessed difficulties in our parents’ relationships during our younger years.The truth is that relationships are not easy. They’re never easy. Relationships require compromise. They require you to extend yourself for the sake of the other, and they require you to redefine the definition of love that our culture has handed to you. Here a beautiful article about this topic.

3 Beauty Benefits of Coffee: Not Just a Pick-Me-Up! Coffee is best known as a stimulating beverage that helps millions of people wake up in the morning. But did you know that coffee has surprising benefits for the skin? The caffeine in the coffee is known to have good skin benefits such as reducing redness and inflammation, according to a 1981 Seoul National University study, notes Live Strong. In another study from the University of Tennessee in 1978, adding caffeine to anti-inflammatory creams increased its effectiveness as a skin caring agent. Here three Beauty Benefits of Coffee.

4 New documentaries. We’re always looking for new documentaries to add to our “must watch” list. And luckily, 2015 seems to be loaded with amazing docs to investigate. I’d like to suggest you this:
That Sugar Film: follows the trials and tribulations Damon Gameau faces as he embarks on a body-changing experiment;
How to Change the World: follows the “the earliest days of Greenpeace, detailing the group’s evolution from loose collection of activists protesting a nuclear test to structured organization taking on the whale hunting industry.

5 Barbecue zucchini and chickpea tacos. Another brilliant vegan recipe made by Gena. Because we love tacos!

Have a nice Saturday 🙂

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