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Vegan Bruselles

10 May

This March I visited (for the second time) Bruselles with my family…and likely the first time I found Bruselles a vegan friendly city…
bruxellesBefore my first travel in Belgium I was doubtful because my travel’s guide (I usually use only Lonely Planet travel guide.. I think it’s the best for travel addict!) said that Bruxelles wasn’t vegan friendly… I did some researches and finally I found this blog and consulting the Happy Cow guide  and finally I was feeling reassured…

anic spices I had the opportunity to visit a lot of markets and I taken around 400 photos…I know it’s a lot of memories…but Brussels it’s a very interesting city..
guapaDuring the trip I started the day in a very different way, mostly with Guapa juice/smoothie like this one (tha white one ins mine…Detox +…so energetic!)  obsessionor whit a cup of coffee Espresso Doppio

burger1We preferred to eat at home especially for dinner (in this photo we had vegan burger with mozzarisella and vegetables)
but I found a lot of nice pub opened during the day, that offered vegan meals like this
detox juice fresh juicevegan baguettevegan baguette.

Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.” (Isabelle Eberhardt)

And finally I’d like to suggest you this interesting article about travelling 23things only travelers will understand

See you soon!


Some news…

5 May

I admitted sometimes we get lost..truly lost and it’s no easy to find the way…but TIME it’s your only Master.
He helps you to calm down, to put everything in the right prospective and then here we are!
I haven’t write for months just because I was in a kind of crazy-busy-lonely time… kinda weird…sound familiar?!
I was re’thinking about my plans and my future… I started a news job or a sort of a the same company that I worked in the past…more responsibility, more decisions to make not only for me but for all my colleagues, less free time for me…and meantime I prepared two exams (for my university) that I Passed…. and prepared my first 10K race..truly amazing! I didn’t win but I had a great time and I proved my self that nothing it’s impossible…

I collected photos for all this moments that I want to show you my friends, not for exhibition but just to know that even if I wasn’t there to write this stories, I was still collecting them for this community (probably for me in a sort of selfish way, just to mark my progress or to not forget what I did…)

I’d like to start whit some salads tasted this winter
quinoasaladquinoa salad… I’m practically obsessed with quinoa…On this salad I used fresh baby spinach’s leaves, arugula, pomegranate, olive oil and a lot of quinoa…just a pinch of white pepper.
orangefennelorange/fennel/pepper salad…easy and ready to eat..I used organic fennel, one organic orange and olive oil mixed with lemon juice and pepper..soooo tasty!
cucumberwinter cucumber: it’s important to stay properly  hydrated then why not to eat some cucumber salad with carrots , basil’s leaf, raw mushroom? Done! Add some oliev oil mixed  whit lemon juice and ginger…good for your gut!

During the winter I  had less smoothie’s addiction but thank you to Vegan Tuck Box I prepared a lot of green smoothies like this
blending winter green smoothie

I’ve a lot of adventures to share with you…and I promise I will!

Stay tuned!

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