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question of aging

2 Nov

Troy Alexander: Appearance is the gateway to one’s personal brand

it is the first thing someone sees, and right or wrong, one of the first things we judge (and are judged on).

Just as we grow and change in our romantic partnerships, our family and our career, so too should we evolve within that personal style as we age.

But there is a bigger issue here.

As a society we need to value women as they age, and not push them to feel that they have to go under the knife to look younger.

And at the same time, we have to stop criticizing those same women for doing just what we have pressured them to do.

It is up to each of us to embrace the changes that come with time or do something about them.

That is where the magic lies — in being O.K. with who we choose to be.

Cindy Joseph writes: Plastic surgery is simply a symptom. Ageism in our country, specifically against women, has gone too far.

…Women are judged on their looks and then told their “looks” fade over time, which leads them to believe they will be less valued as they age.

No wonder women spend billions of dollars every year on Botox, wrinkle creams and cosmetic surgery to stave off the signs of life as time moves on.

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