Random vegan dishes

23 Aug

Few weeks ago I read an article titled “Pictures of things” by Bonzai Aphrodite (she inspired me a lot like Gena of Choosing Raw!!)  and I was so inspired about the idea to share with people bites of my life…Sound good to me…Does it make any sense to you?! I Hope so…

I started collecting photos about vegan dishes that I tasted with my friend in no-vegan-restaurant where the owner tried to prepare something vegan only for me: amazing thing!

vegan rice coffeespecial vegan rice coffee..great start for your day…!
seitan burgersmall seitan burger with grilled vegetables and hot sauce. I ordered this dish at Old Square Pub in Cagliari, delicious!
polpa soia burger with zucchini and eggplant at Polpapolpa1organic chips with sauce
bolpetta no meatballsbolpetta1special no-meatballs with pistachios, potato, mushroom with no-dairy sauce. The restaurant it’s called Bolpetta

Insomniavegan quesadillas  with zucchini, eggplant and pepperoni. On the side white rice, potato, nachos, guacamole sauce, mushroom sauce and hot sauce…I love it! I tried this dish at the Brazilian-Mexican Restaurant called Insomnia near the Poetto’s beach.
libarium vegan spring rolls  with mustard and spice sauce at Libarium in the center of Cagliari near the Castle!
old wild westa very big salad at Old Wild West. Also I tried the potato chips with a strange BBQ sauce…I like it!
pichanasbrown rice, cous cous with vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, and salad barley at Pichanas a brazilian restaurant in Cagliari
woksoba spaghetti, rice spaghetti, chinese ravioli and vegan sushi at Wok…I really adore this place!

And finally vegan pizza!
pizza pizza1

Now I’m really hungry!!! 🙂


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