Maybe all your Christmases weren’t white

21 Dec

In my memory, Christmas was always a relaxed and carefree time filled with endless visits from family and friends, delicious aromas and plates full of various treats devoured under the twinkling bottom branches of a tree cut from my grandparents’ woods. It always snowed and we always laughed lots.

But the reality was, someone was probably busy to the point of exhaustion behind the scenes, making sure presents were bought and wrapped, food was prepared and the endless needs of the littlest kids were being met. It couldn’t have been easy shopping, much less paying for, gifts for everyone in my sprawling family and there may have been other issues I was blissfully unaware of. And it probably didn’t always snow – more likely it was a good old Michigan slush.

My point is: try not to live up to some impossible standard that probably doesn’t reflect the situation as it actually was. There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. There’s even more to be said for getting to the new year rested, relaxed and financially solvent.

Written on 12/17/2013 by Laura Potts


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