It’s really summertime!

21 Jul

CAM00037Finally I’m feeling the summertime and also my body that required a lot of very refreshing food…
Today I started my morning with a new fresh homemade juice with few and simple (organic and local) ingredients:IMGP5600
1 cucumber
2 small carrots
1 lemon
1 little peach
1/2 head of iceberg
a pinch of ginger powder
IMGP5602I choose cucumber because in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cucumber is a food with exceptional healing power. Thermically (meaning it has a heating or cooling or neutral effect on the body’s temperature): It is cooling, meaning it has the effect of cooling the body. This is literal…you will feel cooler if you eat enough cucumber. Let’s say at 80 degrees, you normally feel hot. A short while after eating cucumber you will feel like it is 77 degrees instead of 80.

Healing Properties:

1. Clears the body of toxin, cleanses and purifies the blood. Very helpful in detoxing the body for any conditions of toxicity.

2. Benefits and strengthens the heart

3. Strengthens the Spleen-pancreas organ combo.

4. Moistens and cleanses the Large Intestine. It also kills tapeworms.

5. Moistens the Lungs for lung dryness for those who live in or are traveling in hot or dry climates

6. Benefits the skin. A pack of grated cucumber placed on the skin brings healing to the cells and tissues of the face. The juice of cucumber will accelerate the healing of burns and wounds.

7. Aids digestion, especially when in pickle form. Aids specifically in the digestion of meat

8. Clears heat from the body. Alleviates fevers and summer heat, prevents heat stroke.

9. Benefits the kidneys and bladder. Treats kidney and bladder infections.

10. Benefits the eyes. If placed over the eyes it relieves hot, inflamed, swollen, dry or otherwise irritated eyes.

11. Benefits any inflammatory condition due to heat in the body such as inflammation and burning of the stomach, conjunctivitis, sore throat, acne, inflammatory skin conditions, and discharges or oozing sores or wounds.

12. Calms the mind…lifts depression.

Cucumbers are amazingly alkalizing which is of tremendous value if your body is too Acidic due to eating too many items too often that are part of the Standard American Diet.Cucumber is loaded with water (about 96%) that is naturally distilled, which makes it superior to ordinary water tap water. The cucumber contains the minerals manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silica, sulfur, and lesser amounts sodium, calcium, phosphorus and chlorine. It also is an excellent source of Vitamins such as A, C, folic acid and many B vitamins. Its skin contains a high percentage of its vitamin A, so should not be peeled off, it should be eaten or juiced with the skin intact. (More information on this link Health Benefits of Cucumber ) Cucumber is clearly a valuable vegetable and is easily juiced using either and centrifugal or gear type juicer. I love adding cucumber to any combination of carrots, celery, cabbage. What a powerful healing potion these make.

Next step of this Sunday morning was my lunch:
CAM00052watermelon’s basket!
I’m sorry for the quality’s image my cellphone was dying in the moment that I picked!

Reorganizing the food storage I found a jar with Macadamia nuts…and I surfed the web to find a new way to taste this delicious food.

And I tried a Macadamia Nut “Ricotta Cheese” totally vegan, raw, gluten free!! I used:

1 cup raw Macadamia Nuts

juice of 1/2 lemon*

1/2 tsp pink salt*

1/2 tsp italian herbs (like basil oregan chives)

1/2 tsp nutritional yeast

1/4 cup water, or amount to get desired texture

* can be adjusted to taste

Place all ingredients in food processor; process until creamy smooth (will still be a bit grainy). Keep adding water, a little at a time, until it’s the texture you desire. More recipes for macadamia cheese here . Next time I’d like to try Macadamia Nut Hummus is a Hawaiian-style hummus that is great to use as a spread on thinly sliced snack bread or as a dip for vegetables. It comes from a cookbook called Chefs of Aloha: Favorite Recipes from the Top Chefs of Hawaii (and is attributed to the Sheraton Waikiki).IMGP5606 This is terrific 🙂 as a cheese substitute in anything you might use ricotta cheese for!

I eat that with some raw crackers (that I made with the leftovers of juicing pulp)

Many people steer away from macadamia nuts, assuming they are laden with fat and cholesterol. However, the fat contained in macadamia nuts is monounsaturated fat and one of the healthier and more beneficial forms of fat. When added to the diet daily in moderation, macadamia nuts can actually promote weight loss. Additionally, macadamia nuts are cholesterol free and may work to reduce bad cholesterol while improving good cholesterol levels.

Antioxidant Properties: Macadamia nuts contain selenium, which is a natural antioxidant that may help reduce certain types of cancer.

Source of Fiber: One great health benefit of macadamia nuts is that they are a great source of fiber and can improve the function of the digestive system.

Rich in Calcium and Iron: Macadamia nuts are rich in calcium, which strengthens the teeth and bones. They also supply iron, which is essential for the proper function of enzymes and red blood cells.

Cholesterol Free: Macadamia nuts are cholesterol free, which is good news for people who must restrict their intake of cholesterol.

Magnesium: Macadamia nuts contain magnesium, which is necessary for proper growth of the bones and assists in the body’s ability to release energy.

Potassium: is necessary for optimum brain function, as well as in regulating the body’s fluids. Macadamia nuts offer a significant source of potassium.

(Read more Australian Macadamias: The healthy nut )

Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. for those few months, you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are, and that cut-grass smell in the air and the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool give you a courage you don’t have the rest of the year. you can be grateful and easy, with no eyes on you, and no past. summer just opens the door and lets you out.” ― Deb Caletti, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart


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