Summer smoothie

12 Jul

Hi Folks,

yesterday to celebrate the International Raw Food Day I prepared a very tasty smoothie!

I used few and simple ingredients to enjoy the summer’s savor :
(vegan, raw, gluten free, organic)

4 organic local apricot
1 mango fair trade
2 organic local strawberries
half squeezed organic local lemon
a pinch of ginger’s powder
half glass of fresh water

Blended all ingredients and…. Enjoy your day!

Throughout the centuries, the fruit, kernels, oil and flowers of the apricot have been used in medicine. In China, a famous medicine known as ‘Apricot Gold’ was made from the kernels of trees which grew in certain areas. This medicine was reputed for the powers to prolong life. The Chinese also believed that apricots reacted sympathetically to women’s ailments. The apricot flowers, therefore, formed a common ingredient in their cosmetics.

The kernel, which yields an oil similar to that of the almond, have been widely used for their sedative, antispasmodic that gives relief to strained muscles and demulcent or soothing properties. They are useful in the healing of wounds, in expelling worms and as a general tonic.

For more information read this article: APRICOT Fruit for Health Seed for Medicine


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