Navitas smoothie

3 Feb

Hi Folks

it’s everything ok? I hope…!
Today I started my day with a special green smoothie thank for courtesy of Navitas!

They send my some samples about super food that in Italy it’s hard to find and I’d like to write little reviews about that.

Now I’ll start with a special green smoothies made with very simple ingredients

1 kiwi
1 orange
1 head of Lollo salad
a pinch of vanilla
1 spoon of Navitas wheat grass
1 spoon of Navitas Coconut powder

Blended everything until smooth and enjoy that!

IMGP5320 IMGP5321 IMGP5322

Wheatgrass is a food prepared from the cotyledons of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum. It is sold either as a juice or powder concentrate. Wheatgrass differs from wheat malt in that it is served freeze-dried or fresh, while wheat malt is convectively dried. Wheatgrass is also allowed to grow longer than malt is. It provides chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Claims about the health benefits of wheatgrass range from providing supplemental nutrition to having unique curative properties. Some consumers grow and juice wheatgrass in their homes. It is often available in juice bars, alone or in mixed fruit or vegetable drinks. It is also available in many health food stores as fresh produce, tablets, frozen juice and powder. Wheatgrass contains no wheat gluten.

It is known that at least one of the cereal grasses, barley, stimulates the production of growth hormone from the rat pituitary gland in the brain. There is a possibility that humans respond in the same way. (A hormone is a chemical substance produced in the body that regulates the activity of cells or organs.)

Growth hormone in turn stimulates the production of Growth Factors e.g. Insulin Growth Factor-1. These are also hormones which affect the development of every cell in the body. Responsible for growth in children, they also lead to regeneration of damaged tissues and organs throughout life. Research shows that cereal grasses can heal wounds and burns, stimulate production of blood elements, and kill some cancer cells, at least in the test tube. It is possible these phenomena are mediated via growth factor activation.

Above all, Growth Factors control, stimulate and maintain the body’s immunological status.

There is no doubt that the immune system is of paramount importance in preventing the development of cancer and ridding the body of cancer cells. In other words, if the immune system is strong and robust, it is less likely that one will develop cancer, or the onset of cancer can be delayed. (See National Insitute of Health study below under “Prevention”).

This does not mean that wheatgrass cures cancer, although there have been many reports of successful “cures” in individuals taking wheatgrass and other cereal grasses

A very interesting recent study proved the healing effects of wheat grass juice and wheat grass extract: I’ll suggest to read this article on Natural News.

Let me Know if you find some different information!

Have a nice day!!!


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