18 Jan

Otis_LG_Event-Horizon-Madnessturn up the bass
dim the lights
open our hearts
close your mind

…and think about your madness: a spectrum of something considered highly unique, passionate or extreme…

For me  a sort of supernatural forces… !
For the official medicine an imbalance in bodily humors!
For me a a secret formula for Success: a pinch of Positive Energy + Total Madness and cinnamon!
For the official medicine the term covered a wide range of mental disorders now diagnosed as organic brain syndromes, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other psychotic disorder.

Few years ago I read a book: Asylum by Patrick McGrath…but only today I realize what kind of madness was this book: beautiful and headstrong.  A narration about an insane passion to live every moment that meaning something…not just things but pure life. A passion that will consume your sanity and destroy your soul and the lives of those around us

“Stella realized then that Charlie’s unhappiness had locked him out of this community as effectively as hers had, and she felt a dull sense of confirmation, she felt she might have known, this is the nature of people, they unerringly select as their victim the one who most needs their warmth.”

Be mad sometimes it’s not too bad 🙂


2 Responses to “Madness”

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