Happy Vegan-Raw New Year

1 Jan

Hi Folks

Happy New Year…! Are you celebrating in a good way?I hope so!
I celebrated the end of the year with my parents and friend: easy and relaxing dinner…!I’ll post photos later.

Few minutes ago I read a cute post from Sonnet author of For the love of food and she started the new year with a big and interesting resolution: Health Revolution!! Like Sonnet I want this blog to be a place that you come to for inspiration and information about living your fullest, happiest, and healthiest life. I want you to feel inspired by delicious, seasonal dishes that nourish your body, fresh drinks that energize your taste buds, and information about living healthfully and sustainably that changes your life. I hope that you already come here and feel inspired, but my intention is to make this even stronger this year.

Great and very inspirational stuff you agree?!

livingA year ago today, do you remember where you stood? Last year about this time, I was lying on the couch…today after an healthy lunch with my family I run for 40 minutes… I restart to run..I boost my energy and repress fear to be injured…I restart to breathe according to my heart and Mother Earth…Was an amazing sensation: I felt free! And I make the first step of my resolution’s ways of the year…Writing, meditating and staying healthy positive is only one piece of the puzzle: I’ll learning something news, graduate at the university, clear the fear off my mind and my heart! Here an interesting article about new year resolution: I’d like especially point number 3

3. Gratitude is the attitude It’s a universal truth that grateful people are happy people. Start every day with gratitude and thanks for the chance to live your life in a country that promotes freedom and the opportunity to be your best. Say thank you often and mean it.

Because that remind me a words from Louise Jensen She wrote recently: The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need is Be kind.

Yep, it really is that simple. Be kind to yourself. If you need to change your diet, improve your fitness, give up smoking etc by all means try. That’s being kind to yourself. However, if it doesn’t work out don’t be hard on yourself. You are not a failure. Be kind.

Someone treating you not in a way you would choose to be treated? Be kind. You don’t know what’s going on with them, and you are not a mind reader so don’t second guess. Everyone has his or her own story to tell and we all could benefit from some kindness, always.

You can be kind, to anyone, in any situation but most of all, remember to apply it to yourself. Kindness flows into gratitude which transmutes into love.

I think that an important question you need to ask to yourself to discover your inner motivation it’s: what I really want everyday? What kind of human being I want lo be everyday?

Clear your mind and ask honestly to a simple than complicate question like that… and let me know if you feel “reanimate” and ready to really live your life!

See you in 2013!


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