Smoothies for Christmas

23 Dec

Hi everyone,

everything its’ good? I Hope so!! I’m fine… I’m little bit busy at work but I’m feeling full of energy! Probably it’s because I’m reading a lot about vegan raw diet: I finished Realistically Raw: The Raw Food Diet For Your Busy Life by Brian Todd and actually I’m reading The Secrets of a Raw Vegan Diet by Malik May and I’m feeling so inspired with a lot of some new ideas about my diet’s habit.

I’m 70% raw sometimes I’ll indulge on hot soup with cereal and legumes or in a badly high carb dishes like pizza or italian’s focaccia (special bread with salt and oregano) but they’re so stodgy for me…Then I’ll need to find raw alternatives like fleex seeds crackers or raw pizza with oat’s sprouts but I don’t have an dehydrator. Now I saved money but I’m searching the right brand and a new food processor…I’m tired to go shop to shop to find the great and cheap kitchen’s solution then I (re)start to use only what I’ve!

And…ta da… I made two super delicious smoothies with fruit and vegetables only organic and in season!

green smothieThe first that I made was a green smoothie with: spinach, basil, one frozen banana, one orange, one kiwi and a pinch of vanilla, lemon juice… Yummy!!!

red smoothieI made the second on just for a break this afternoon. I used 2 carrots,one orange, red radicchio, raspberry, one kiwi, vanilla and filter water… So sweetie and smooth!!!

What do you think?!

Happy Sunday’s time!


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