Gratitude begets gratitude

19 Nov

You need some look tired…
I know…thank you to tell me the truth! (from conversation with a friend)

It’s true but at last in this special day, I’d like to share with you a special tips about gratitude inspired by a post that I recently read.

Try to write two things down every morning for which you are thankful.  Might be the same two things for a while, but the list will start to get longer.

Take a breath.  Enjoy this moment.  Even the bad days… They are still days spent alive, with a few more hours to turn it into a good day, or even just a great day.

Help someone who needs it.  The neighbor who’s struggling with her grocery bags, the co-worker who’s swamped with end of the year projections, your mother, father, sister, brother.  People have helped you in the past.  Time to pay it forward.

Say “please” and “thank you.” Gratitude begets gratitude.

A smile is such a gift.  Really.  It can change the course of a stranger’s day, and in turn, your own.

…and hug a lot all people you love…!


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