From the Orient

5 Nov

Finally I returned to my home…
I’m not sure about my feelings right now: this morning I was sad thinking about the past few days, the event, the atmosphere… But in the same time a sense of relief . I’m near to my “comfort zone”: my house!

Four days in the magic orient with the VeganOK: I was so lucky!
Here some roundup about this magic event in Carrara…and next month I’ll have the privilege to know Sharon Gannon in Italy!!!

In this days I had the chance to share my vegan raw experience with a special person (Igor CEO & Founder at Quantic Publishing) and you know it’s really strange for me, actually, have chances like that.

Since I became vegan raw, I shared my ideas tips and experience only with email, blog, forum…never I met a raw vegan person…I mean it’s strange..I’m feeling like drinking salt water: you need to drink more and more and more to satisfy the thirst…!

I met another interesting person: Wang a chinese chef expert in spices. He had a spice’s shop in Viareggio “Spazio Spezie” . I don’t have words to describe the feeling that person like him are capable to pass: notions, passions, different cultures, new points of view…
The Universe, I think, is sending me a message: to be ready and open to ALL in this WORLD…

I’m sorry I’m so tired: I travelled all day and tomorrow I must start my work in office…
I’ll promise to share with you more feelings and things about this incredible experience…but for tonight it’ s all…

Good Night Folks!


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