Warming the soul

28 Oct

Finally it’s raining! I love rain and the atmosphere that the rain it’s capable to create around you and…inside you.

With the rain my soul was renovate: it’s a sort of washer machine for the worst feelings! And also when you feel  the first cold weather of the season it’s the right time to warm your body and your soul!

Usually I’d like to drink tea, herbal infusion, hot malt drink resembling coffee, ginseng coffee and recently I discovered Guarana coffee!

Guarana is an energy-enhancing seed extracted from the Brazilian cocoa plant. Although guarana does contain caffeine, it dissolves slowly while maintaining a lasting boost of tannin, similar to that found in green tea.

It’s easy to prepare your homemade guarana coffee: you need to grind two seeds for each cup of water. Crush the seeds with a coffee-grinder; boil the powder for 10 minutes and drink. Create a 16-oz. drink by grinding four seeds. Guarana seeds are strong, so this tea requires only a few seeds. Boil add if you like no-dairy milk (I love nuts milk with vanilla and nutmeg) and…enjoy your coffee…!

If you want you also can refrigerate the guarana, add mint leaves, crushed pineapple or pineapple juice, or coconut water to taste.

There are many effects when you consume Guarana, most of them positive. The biggest positive effect comes cognitively. It has been shown several times – through clinical studies – that Guarana can improve memory and alertness. In many cases it can also improve a person’s mood. One of the more popular clinical studies done on Guarana showed strong positive effects after a dosage of just 75 mg. It has also been shown to improve cognitive and physical abilities in rats (the latter referring to endurance not strength).

Many people would assume that with all these benefits there has to be some side effects, but in this case, other than some people experiencing jitters, there are no known side effects for the general population. Guarana is considered safe for most people. The only people who should use caution are those with predisposed heart conditions. In these cases, consuming too much caffeine in any form can lead to seizures. It’s also wise to use caution if you experience heart palpitations after taking Guarana (you can also read more information on this link  and I’ll suggest you to read this article).

According to the weather and the nearly Halloween’s celebration yesterday I saw a great movies: The Raven a gothic thriller that imagines Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) helping police solve a series of murders inspired by his novels. It’s thrilling stuff and Cusack captures the tortured genius Poe with skill. The L.A.Times criticized a lot this film( here the review) but in my modest opinion it’s a great movie especially for the particular ways that describe the melancholy and dark Poe’s imagination. He’d suffered a lot of tragedy in his life, He thought he could hear the sounds of darkness rushing across the horizon towards him. Watching this film was like peering into the abyss when you get into the land of Poe.

Take this kiss upon the brow!/And, in parting from you now/ Thus much let me avow/You are not wrong, who deem/All that we see or seem/Is but a dream within a dream.

I noticed only today the not casualty of this event in my life…in october 2009 I read for the first time  The Raven in the Halloween’s Night with my soulmate…I knew I loved you before I met you,I think I dreamed you into life, I knew I loved you before I met you, I have been waiting all my life.

Enjoy the sunday’s time!


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