Living happiness

22 Oct

“Live with Generosity and Authenticity, and you will always be happy. It will set you free.” (Baron Baptiste)

Here 20 things that make me happy and I hope that make someone else happy:

1. Smile.

2. Give an authentic compliment.

3. Slow down.

4. Don’t do. Just be.

5. Say thank you.

6. Make a gratitude list daily.

7. Read my books

8. Bake vegan food for someone.

9. Give and recive a big bear hug.

10. Do yoga.

11. Listen. (No, really listen.)

12. Buy a gift for someone.

13. Happiness is contagious. So be contagious.

14. Play with a pet.

15. Donate to a cause you care about.

16. Say hi to your neighbors.

17. Share an inspirational quote or picture everyday.

18. Think positively, in every situation.

19. Talk about your passions. Then live them.

20. Have faith in love!


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