20 Oct

… at least I have the courage to lose for what’s right…

Based on a Texas lawsuit in the 1990s involving the introduction of retractable safety needles into hospitals, “Puncture” (concocted in part by the real Mr. Danziger) is undeniably entertaining but stubbornly emotionless.
This painfully earnest movie wants us to care about the corrupt behavior of medical-equipment purchasing cartels .

The legal case this is based on is interesting, because it sheds light on how messed up the healthcare industry is in the USA. Massive corporations exert huge amounts of influence to protect their profits at the expense of people’s lives. Case in point is the medical device company in the movie–they knew these syringes would save thousands of lives a year, but it would have cut into their profits.
Money > people’s lives. It’s very easy to make that kind of decision when you don’t personally know anyone that’s died from an accidental needle stick, but I can guarantee if the board of directors all had someone they know die from this issue, they would have just paid the inventor whatever he wanted for the patent and been done with it instead of holding onto their monopolistic greed.

For more information I’ll suggest this link



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