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4 Sep

News events are like Texas weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute.(Jessica Savitch)

Today, like everyday, I took time to read some news…and two articles caught up my attention:
The first one was about Obama campaign by Lian Rizza on The New Yorker ” LET’S BE FRIENDSTwo Presidents find a mutual advantage“.
It was a very special close examination about Obama’s action compared the other President, very interesting especially for “foreign” people like me who find difficult to understand the dynamic’s action of international and american politics.

The second was about organic food: according to Andrew Moran organic food is not healthier than conventional products! For years, common knowledge has been that organic food is a much healthier alternative than non-organic food. What a new study suggests may baffle many: organic food is “not any healthier” than regular food you may consume.According to a new research study by Stanford University and the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care: there was no more or less amount of nutrients and vitamins in these organic and regular plant items. However, there was a small difference in the amount of phosphorous in organic products and there were more omega-3 fatty acids in organic.
For people like me vegan and advocate to environmental farming concerns and animal welfare this’s a very bad news… I tried to find similar studies about that but I didn’t find any interesting and different articles (The research study can be found in the latest edition of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine).
I’m a little bit disappointment and sad because usually for many years (and also actually) I’m buying organic food from a local farmer and the tastes are really different than the qualities of the products… My health improving every day: if you look my skin today and compare that to the past year you can also have the chance to see the different. More shine, without acne or signs of digestive’s stress. I’m confused by this notice… :/ I need more information

Finally I’d like to share with you an interesting and crazy BBC’s program that I listened today The English Civil War… and on the contrary it’s not about a war but it’s about a new meaning of war, like a mind war: One day a cavalier walks into a supermarket. Is he the real thing or is his battle a more modern matter?! Listen here and let me know your impression!

Good Night Folks!

(Image by Binuri Ranainghe on Flickr)


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