Laughing and never apologize for

1 Sep

Hi Folks I’m thinking that sometimes it’s good to apologize, but sometimes it’s not…because it’s not necessary especially when you act normally and spontaneously!

Today I wrote this Never apologize Manifesto:

Never apologize for laughing: laugh it is such a rush of adrenaline to release such a raw, powerful and joyful emotion. Life is too short to be scared to laugh.

Never apologize to loving someone with everything you’ve got without love in return. Recently I had a crush on someone, and he didn’t like me back, I got stung. But I had the chance to know him and be her friend and I learn to love him for the right reasons in a different ways. Love must be a risk, and we must never apologize to ourselves, our lovers,our family, or our friends for past trauma or emotions. I’ll Embrace them and move forward. Moving into love.

Never apologize for take my time to read a book o don’t finish that…I’m not wasting time, I’m really take time for me and my dreams.

Never apologize for looking at the sky and hoping to see shooting stars!! Two weeks ago I went to the beach to see shooting stars with friends and I discovered that the sky is completely majestic and amazing. It embodies wonder and beauty and the light it shines in the dark on everyone, everywhere. This beautiful it’s for me and for my soul…

Never apologize for tell the truth also if it’s rude and never apologize to asking questions. Not knowing is one thing. Having the courage to say “I don’t understand” is another.

Never apologize to trying something new and make mistakes!!

Never apologize to stopping and watching beautiful things around you. Anytime we are around a natural beauty, stop and stare. I’m not feel bad for not talking, not looking at your phone or thinking about work. If something is beautiful, allow it to make me feel something, even if I don’t know what that something is.

Never apologize to celebrate myself every year and every day. Even if it’s as simple as buying for my self a vegan cupcake or taking the time to go on a walk, reading a book in a park, or stopping for that tasty, chocolaty soylatte I crave. Love starts from within. If other people are allowed to celebrate me, it should start with me to thanking care for myself.

And today to celebrate me, my falling in love for life and the first day of September I decide to prepare new things:

Carrot’s fresh juice ( with 2 carrots, fresh basil, 3 little pear, 2 lemons)

And a very special Heirloom Tomato, Kale and Basil Pumpkin Seed Napoleons (vegan, high raw, gluten free with GF mustard, soy free) inspired by Gena (here the recipe).

How beautiful! it is just stunning:) love it!

Washington Irving said “Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

Than falling in love because you deserve that!



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