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…in the box…

30 Sep

… somentimes I need to look into the box our life;
and hear your voice another time,
see you smile and remember our dreams…
and thinking a lot about you.
Because I miss you so much and smiling remembered
when you’re triyng to recorder a video and the camera stopped…
and you lokeed at me sad and at the same time smiling for the little snag…
Forgive me if I didn’t understand you very well
forgive me if I didn’t love you in the right way
forgive me if I still love you…

…somentimes I need to look into the box our dream’s life
to touch your absence and my death…


September is gone…

29 Sep

… in a very fast way… and now I’m sitting on my chair, sick, scheduling my next month and enjoiyng my rest.

This week I was very sick, high fever, bone’s pain, headeach… Everything was bad: I’m incapable to read, write, work, going out for a walk to take fresh air for my head..I splet all the time…Finally on fryday I rebirth…And I really understand the importance of the health!

During this week I maded a reserch about organic food and nutritional apport (if you remeber few weeks ago I wrote about not healthier organic food) and fynally I found different articles that confirmed the importance to eat organic I suggest you this The latest organic foods study focuses on nutrition—but that’s just a small part of the story BY Leah Zerbe

Also I saw an interesting video An Inconvenient Tooth. It is a documentary film about the water fluoridation controversy which arises from moral, ethical, political, and safety concerns regarding the fluoridation of public water supplies. The controversy occurs mainly in English-speaking countries, as Continental Europe does not practice water fluoridation. But, fluoride is added to most table salt in Europe and I’m thinking it’s most important for people to know the truth!

Stay at home it’s a relief for me and in this day that my health it’s going well I cooked a lot of new dishes here you see the photos but today I’m very proud of my because I maded my first Homemade Organic Applesauce to celebrate the Fall that’s coming!
 I use the recipes of Organic Authority that I’m reporting down:

2 organic apples, peeled and chopped
3/4 cup organic fresh orange juice
1/8 cup organic brown sugar
1/2 tsp lemon zest
1/8 tsp ground organic cinnamon

Combine orange juice and chopped apples in a deep saucepan. Boil for about 10 minutes on medium heat, stirring often.Stir in brown sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon.

Cook uncovered until the apples reach the desired consistency (for about 20 minutes), stirring often. Adjust measurement of ingredients to suit your taste.

Serve warm and enjoy.

Note: You can store up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Put in food processor or blender and puree if you prefer applesauce with a smoother texture.

Before I told you I’m scheduling my october, I’m using President Obama’s Productivity Tactics. The productivity tips are compiled from portraits of the president by Michael Lewis of Vanity Fair, Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker, and others. I read this tecnique accidentally because normally I use the GTD’s method of David Allen. I received in gift this book and since the 2009 I organized my professional life with this tecnique. Now I’m discovering on the web a lot of different ways to stay productive: some very interesting and useful, others very bad! But you need to try and find the perfect combination to create your personal getting things done… Perfect for you and for your lifestyle! Because according to Gretchen Rubin you’re unique just like enyone else…than you need and deserve to find your personal and solo method to burning your purpouse and your job!

“Our creativity comes from without, not from within. We are not self-made. We are dependent on one another, and admitting this to ourselves isn’t an embrace of mediocrity and derivativeness. It’s a liberation from our misconceptions, and it’s an incentive to not expect so much from ourselves and to simply begin.” – Kirby Ferguson

See you soon!

Adventures and changes

16 Sep

Hello Everybody…!

I’m sorry for the absence but I wasn’t not at home for an entire week because I worked for the journal at the VeganOK EXPO-SANA edition 2012 in Bologna for the healthy’s exhibition! It was a beautiful experience, I met a lot of interesting people and shared different experiences and points of view. I’d like really much to work like a editor in chief (here some posts about the show)!!!

When I returned I found a big surprise: I had a promotion of my official work in the office…! Actually I’m the “boss” 🙂
And people…It’s very strange to give order, make a decision, and be an efficient problem solving…But like the editor in chief, this is a work that I love!

And I’m thinking that I am a very lucky person: because I have two job that I love, and I’m healthy, I have few amazing friends, I have a beautiful family…Oh Josh people…I’m choosing and living the moment everyday day..without worry about the near future. Obviously I have plans for future but I’m tried to not scheduled everything!
I’d like to share with you an amazing post about this stuff by Lauren ” Enjoying THIS day. Today. Whatever it is we are doing. There is nothing wrong with having goals or working towards achievements. Those things are great. But remember to stay here. Don’t just choose moments in which to be fully present and spend the rest of your time mentally elsewhere. Just be here…enjoy the people around you. Get off the internet. Do things. And while you’re doing all of that, be aware of what you are doing and just be IN it. Be here, in it with me.

Another time it’s very strange the coincidence that when I’m thinking at some things, a lot of posts on the web show me same and different point of view for the same arguments! Like and invisible hand who pick up stuff only to give me the chance to know!!

Alrighty, folks tha last thing that I want to share it’s a photos about “Kewrap Bouquet” that a friend‘s of me prepared during the show in Bologna:

Looks good ah?! Delicious!!!
^_^ enjoy your Sunday morning and live in the moment, choose to be happy!

News news news…

4 Sep

News events are like Texas weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute.(Jessica Savitch)

Today, like everyday, I took time to read some news…and two articles caught up my attention:
The first one was about Obama campaign by Lian Rizza on The New Yorker ” LET’S BE FRIENDSTwo Presidents find a mutual advantage“.
It was a very special close examination about Obama’s action compared the other President, very interesting especially for “foreign” people like me who find difficult to understand the dynamic’s action of international and american politics.

The second was about organic food: according to Andrew Moran organic food is not healthier than conventional products! For years, common knowledge has been that organic food is a much healthier alternative than non-organic food. What a new study suggests may baffle many: organic food is “not any healthier” than regular food you may consume.According to a new research study by Stanford University and the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care: there was no more or less amount of nutrients and vitamins in these organic and regular plant items. However, there was a small difference in the amount of phosphorous in organic products and there were more omega-3 fatty acids in organic.
For people like me vegan and advocate to environmental farming concerns and animal welfare this’s a very bad news… I tried to find similar studies about that but I didn’t find any interesting and different articles (The research study can be found in the latest edition of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine).
I’m a little bit disappointment and sad because usually for many years (and also actually) I’m buying organic food from a local farmer and the tastes are really different than the qualities of the products… My health improving every day: if you look my skin today and compare that to the past year you can also have the chance to see the different. More shine, without acne or signs of digestive’s stress. I’m confused by this notice… :/ I need more information

Finally I’d like to share with you an interesting and crazy BBC’s program that I listened today The English Civil War… and on the contrary it’s not about a war but it’s about a new meaning of war, like a mind war: One day a cavalier walks into a supermarket. Is he the real thing or is his battle a more modern matter?! Listen here and let me know your impression!

Good Night Folks!

(Image by Binuri Ranainghe on Flickr)

The price of freedom

3 Sep

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change (Wayne Dyer)

Few minutes ago I read a little post by Bill Apablasa and I was so impressed by this sentence: Give Others The Space To Be Themselves.
It’s a small and in the same time big step to do to have the freedom to be yourself everyday.

We all need space to be ourselves—to have good days and bad days, and to not always be at our best. We need the space to change, grow, and evolve, and to do it on our own time.

The more space we give for others to be themselves, the more space they’re likely to make for us.
It’s a big step to do for, but it’s also one that could change the world. It’s called freedom and it’s a peaceful, energizing, and beautiful thing.

It’s a small price to pay for the freedom to live every moment without mask: we don’t need to masquerade our self or hide our feelings

We are and that it’s

Laughing and never apologize for

1 Sep

Hi Folks I’m thinking that sometimes it’s good to apologize, but sometimes it’s not…because it’s not necessary especially when you act normally and spontaneously!

Today I wrote this Never apologize Manifesto:

Never apologize for laughing: laugh it is such a rush of adrenaline to release such a raw, powerful and joyful emotion. Life is too short to be scared to laugh.

Never apologize to loving someone with everything you’ve got without love in return. Recently I had a crush on someone, and he didn’t like me back, I got stung. But I had the chance to know him and be her friend and I learn to love him for the right reasons in a different ways. Love must be a risk, and we must never apologize to ourselves, our lovers,our family, or our friends for past trauma or emotions. I’ll Embrace them and move forward. Moving into love.

Never apologize for take my time to read a book o don’t finish that…I’m not wasting time, I’m really take time for me and my dreams.

Never apologize for looking at the sky and hoping to see shooting stars!! Two weeks ago I went to the beach to see shooting stars with friends and I discovered that the sky is completely majestic and amazing. It embodies wonder and beauty and the light it shines in the dark on everyone, everywhere. This beautiful it’s for me and for my soul…

Never apologize for tell the truth also if it’s rude and never apologize to asking questions. Not knowing is one thing. Having the courage to say “I don’t understand” is another.

Never apologize to trying something new and make mistakes!!

Never apologize to stopping and watching beautiful things around you. Anytime we are around a natural beauty, stop and stare. I’m not feel bad for not talking, not looking at your phone or thinking about work. If something is beautiful, allow it to make me feel something, even if I don’t know what that something is.

Never apologize to celebrate myself every year and every day. Even if it’s as simple as buying for my self a vegan cupcake or taking the time to go on a walk, reading a book in a park, or stopping for that tasty, chocolaty soylatte I crave. Love starts from within. If other people are allowed to celebrate me, it should start with me to thanking care for myself.

And today to celebrate me, my falling in love for life and the first day of September I decide to prepare new things:

Carrot’s fresh juice ( with 2 carrots, fresh basil, 3 little pear, 2 lemons)

And a very special Heirloom Tomato, Kale and Basil Pumpkin Seed Napoleons (vegan, high raw, gluten free with GF mustard, soy free) inspired by Gena (here the recipe).

How beautiful! it is just stunning:) love it!

Washington Irving said “Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

Than falling in love because you deserve that!


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