Comfort week end starting!

18 Aug

Hi Everyone,

finally it’s Saturday… I like the week end because it’s my “comfort time”. I’d like to take my time to make stuff that I’m in love for!For instance today I started my morning early with a walking’s hour in my town at 7.00 am with a fresh air, silence, getting of thoughts and giving to my mind the opportunity to be free from problems, bad stuff, sad emotions…
I stopped on my unique and favorite no-farm shop (because actually it’s the porch of my official organic farmer Rita!!! now I’m thinking we’re also friends because usually she gave me a vegetables present without asking for that by me!!!) and I bought a very special first fruit of the season: zucchini blossoms.
The flavor of the blossoms is extremely subtle, and cooking them at all really diminishes it. Eaten raw, they are crisp, gentle and a little sweet, with the barest touch of zucchini flavor but none of its bitterness, or its often watery texture. I used that to made a very sweet green smoothie who I renamed Blossom Green Smoothie!
I used a peeled banana, fresh baby spinach, zucchini blossom, white grapes, 1/2 squeezed lemon, a pinch of cinnamon and ginger (and ice if you prefer the fresh taste!)…yummy…yummy…
I also bought other vegetables in season, totally organic, and I talked a lot with Rita about GMO and cryptogamic, she assured me, she’s avoiding any type of GMO and also her husband in they fields.
She shared with me a lot of worrying thoughts about economy of farmers market especially for people like her who avoid chemical products.
The business competion obviously isn’t “au pair” but she really think (like me) that justice wins than don’t stop believing! It’ was a very touched conversation and the atmospher around us was simply magic: fresh air, a rays of sunshine’s morning, the bird singing… I know probably I saw that picture more romantic in my mind than that was in the reality but…dreaming it’s free…than I’d like to dream with open eyes!

Another example of comfort time for me it’s take time for yoga or meditation like before: I slept yesterday night after a short lesson of yoga (by myself) relaxing every muscles of my body with breathing meditation…and after all I started reading The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life by Melisser Elliot (I found a very big deal : I bought the kindle version for only $0.99!!!) and people….a really love it!

Melisser (known to most as “The Urban Housewife”) presents the basics of veganism for the newbies, lots of DIY craft projects, cruelty–free beauty tips, travel advice, recipes, and more. This book is not just for vegan girls—it’s also for anyone who’s interested in a cruelty–free lifestyle.

And another time I thought about my vegan raw lifestyle and about how many benefits this simple choice gave, all the time, to my health…Not only physically but also mentally… Sometimes people in the past told me: Rory you are really obsessed with healthy foods!! And sometimes I’ve to admit (that in few occasion!!!) the absence of healthy vegan raw food drove me crazy..but that was in the beginning of my new way of life:was in the pas…and I usually said that: the past it must stay in the past…From mistakes you learn a very great lessons but it’s insane beat you about mistake…It’s time to letting go and give yourself another opportunity to be a good person. Now I’m a patience vegan raw girl: it’s not really important if during a travel with my family (or my friends) I have problems to find vegan raw snack: I bring with me an apple or a oat bar…It’s fine…I want to live the moment not the problems of the moment!! About that I would suggest you to read this post by Gena: Dedication vs. Obsession: Personal Reflections.
In my opinion it’s easy to be vegan in this wrong (selfish) world… a snap!!We have enormous resources at our disposal. We each have 24 hours a day, each packed with 60 fresh minutes. We have a beating heart and lungs full of air in a body capable of incredible things. And there is usually even a little money. Because be vegan it’s cheap, its’ not a middle-class vain attitude like a lot of people think and it’s not a girls/women new caprices like most of men think! The’re a lot of misconception abut that but that rant is for another blog post (coming soon). .. We don’t talk about diet: its’ about the attitude to be cruelty free, compassionate about people, animals and environment: your diet could change the world!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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