25 Jul

…just because something is good for someone else doesn’t mean it’s good for you…and vice versa…

Everyone it’s a unique and splendid example of human being: why the mass media will tries to make us like a dummies???Same in everything like a  mass production’s stuff…Oh …It’s so sad 😦
I’m speaking in this way not because I’m going crazy (actually I’m crazy :P) but because I’m saying  madness around me: woman and men that have only an idea: to be like a XXX super star, super model, super hero o something like that…
I think that the real goal in your life isn’t have outrageous abs like a XXX super athlete or have long air like XXX top model but the real real winning stop it’s to be the AUTHENTIC YOU…
You want an amazing body? Good very good…go to the gym, eat healthy food..but make this action only for you, not because lifestyle’s magazines says that…
I’m no perfect, I’m not skinny, I don’t have long air, I don’t dress my self like a party girl, I’m a little bit nerd, I’m clumsy, Idon’t have party’s friends, I’m not rich but in the same time I’m not poor, I’m lucky,I’m vegan, I’m resilient person and.. I AM…!!!!
Because isn’t necessary to be like a XXX prototype of person
…all that a want to tell at the world is in my mind, in my soul and both of that don’t needs super-glossy-cherry-lips…
You agree with that?!
Today I was inspired by Jonathan Fields’s post Lip Service Serves No One :it’s important to recognize your self, and don’t deny nothing your own according to Bertrand Russell’s quote “Conscious self-denial leaves a man self-absorbed and vividly aware of what he has sacrificed; in consequence it fails often of its immediate object and almost always of its ultimate purpose. What is needed is not self-denial, but that kind of direction of interest outward which will lead spontaneously and naturally to the same acts that a person absorbed in the pursuit of his own virtue could only perform by means of conscious self-denial.” (The conquest of happiness)

Then I beg you: try try try… I’ll make the same I swear!

ps. look this flower: it’s beautiful in the only way he knows to be beautiful
or rather be simply a flower and that’s it!!


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