Treat your body right

23 Jul

Hi Folks,
it’s too late, I’m tired and a little bit blue but I want to share with you just two o three words about your relationship with food.
I’ve been actively trying to heal my relationship with food and my body for years and years. Go vegan give me a truly opportunity to understand that food is nourishment, friendly aid, not enemy against my body, my mind.
It was a glorious day for me when a looked my body into the mirror and I saw my really ME… I’m still loving just the way I am…
If you a struggling with your relationship with food it’s okay, most people are…it’s time to ger really real and really honest to your self. Especially avoiding the inundation of false images of what the ideal human being is supposed to look like against the real healthy human being!

I’d like to quote Chloe Park : you are beautiful just the way you are!

Now write it on your arm and look at it when you feeling wrong, unpleasant, lonely…I assure you that it work!
I’m on your side because I dealing with this type of pain: you don’t deserve to live the rest of your life enslaved to the negative images that your mind give you.

Get up, pushing your self to be what you are in the way you are! Makes friend with food, healthy living, body : love your body, treat your body like a holy temple, sacred where only you’re the divinity. treat you right, your majesty!

I suggest you the Bhagavad Gita like a guidance when you feeling your soul down: this book have the power to make you happy!



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