Reading: how much it’s insane?

21 Jul

Strange question isn’t …?! Yep…
But it’s only because actually I’m reading a lot, about all types of stuff ..I’m not looking for any specific thing. I’m just curious, I’m hungry about information..and I know it’s insane to be starving in that way… and… now I’m trying to reboot my self.

Re- thinking things and manage in a right way my long-term memory!

Bravo my self told me after that resolution…but break bad habits, you know it’s not easy and didn’t happen like snap! I need to be postivie, patience, disciplined and persistent.
About this last point just today I maded a (funny) useful “test” How resilient are you? by Bobbi Emel
My score was interesting 46 ” You are bouncing right along . . . most of the time. You have good resiliency skills, although sometimes it’s hard to engage them right away when faced with a crisis.”
Not bad …I mean…it’s great… I can’t imagine I’ll be that type of resilient person… I caught other interesting tips to improve my strongest head 😉

1) Social support: ya gotta have friends. There is a lot of research showing that social support is a main component of resiliency. Even if you’re an introvert, having just one person you trust to talk with about your situation can be extremely helpful. It’s also really good to have a more experienced, wiser person or mentor you can turn to when trouble hits. This can be a parent, friend, or anyone you look up to and respect.

2) Positive actions: creating positive emotions during time of crisis.  Researcher Barbara Fredrickson’s work shows that positive emotions not only help you feel good, but they expand your ability to problem-solve well. Rather than worrying about the past or future, try to stay in the present as much as possible. Listen to some mindfulness meditations to help you remain centered in the current moment. Be kind to yourself! Even if you got yourself into a mess, remember that everyone else has at some time in their lives, too. Treat yourself as you would your best friend who is having problems.

Going back the initial argument I’m looking for other opinions about what’s the right limit about reading and collecting articles because the other “dark” side of this situation it’s that I’m accumulating a small pile on the corner of my desk. I must to find time to processed stacks because collect pile of stuff with identify items put me back into the desert!!! It’s not acceptable, not for me… It’s lazy have the tidy desk and in the same time disorganized stuff. About this point I read an article by David Caolo Untidy and organized the exact contrary of my!! I’m thinking life it’s very strange because put on you face not easy situations and ,if you are good to look at it, in the same time, the solutions!!

Please let me know if you have any tips or resolutions for me…or if you’re in a similar situation!


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