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9 Jul

Today I read two amazing post about to be vegan-raw…
The first one in by Lauren (on http://www.rawissexy.com” A raw perspective”… wow folks…the best post that I’ve ever read about veganism…the best way to start you busy week! A different point of view about the choice to be vegan… It’s not a label that you need to paste on you. It’s you, it’s your way to exist in this word…and it’s not important if you eat an amount of raw vegetables or if in the past you eat dairy products, now you what you decide to be…You’ re the of your mistakes and choices…You need to be proud of you because everyday you save a life…You need to find your balance and not to accomplish the other’s expectations….
There’re a lot og best quotes in the post but this really give me peace:

You’re here now. Right now. This is it. There is no destination. There never was a destination. This moment right now is it. Your journey is everything. You will never arrive anywhere except right here. You are always on your journey. This is it. You get to make a choice in this very moment about what you will do. You are the culmination of all of the moments that led up to now.This is not an excuse/reason to go out and eat 10 boxes of donuts. Don’t misunderstand….that is not what I am saying here. I am saying BALANCE.Keep it healthy as much as you can. EAT REAL FOOD. Keep your best interests in mind and remember there are no guarantees. There is always an exception.
Have fun.
Try something new.
Let loose.
Throw caution to the wind.
Cause some trouble out there.
Say hi to random strangers.
Break a rule.
Fall in love.
Have a hellagood time.
Laugh until you cry.
Dance like an idiot.
Make your friends laugh until they cry.
Get dirty.
Eat a cookie.LIVE.”

I’m near to cry…It’s true…I found in this post a lot of motivations to be really everyday myself without doubts!

The other (very) emotional and intense post it’s by Gena “It’s veganism a luxury?” …it’s very interesting perspective about vegan’s choice because a lot of people think actually that to be vegan it’s more expensive…but like Gena explain: “Veganism doesn’t have to be any more expensive than other ways of eating: in fact, it can be much less expensive. At its most basic, the vegan diet consists of vegetables, nuts and seeds, soy foods, grains, and legumes. Grains and legumes can provide much of the nutrient density in any plant based diet and they, at least, can be had quite cheaply: this is part of the reason that they are the staple foods for so many global diets”.

It’s right…And I proved that because I tracked my expense (and the cash flow) and surprise surprise since I choose to be raw I saved a lot and actually I’m putting money in a MoneyJar or Dream Jar because I want to realize step by step my dreams starting with travels.
Veganis it’s a privilege because you’ve the freedom to eat real food that is consistent with our ideals… You make the right choice to be what to eat…Isn’t extraordinary?? I mean when people have the large freedom do to really what they want according with their ideals?!
I’m not have the fortune to live in a city like Gena in NY (I love NY..it’s the city of my heart’s piece) where it’s easy find shop and restaurant vegan friendly or meet vegan person…
I live in a small small village and I work in a little city where ‘re only ONE vegetarian restaurant…I mean only ONE…But I wasn’t discourage …because I’m surely about my choice to be vegan, to save planet animals and eat according to the Mother Nature!

I know exactly that eat vegan raw don’t preserve me from injuries or illness but probably I’ll made the way to stay healthy for a long time than omnivore people..I really don’t know…I’m proud to be vegan raw, to do yoga and meditation, to be a person who try to practice gratitude and kindness…  sometimes I’m lazy, chaotic, lunatic and I miss so much my soul mate DWRZ (there’s not a second goes by when I’m not thinking of you in some way..your face, your hands in mine, feel you against me…but I know that will never be you left me and I can’t get you back. I don’t know why I’m writing this: I know I can’t get you back…) but I know that I’m better than the past…I’m real person without moral’s compromises…

I’ll have the opportunity everyday to do the right things and I choose to be semper fidelis in all aspect of my life

with love



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