Way of positive change

1 Jul

Hi Folks,
everything it’s ok? I really hope so… because today I’ll share with you things about change…

Actually I’m reading an interesting book that really it’s working on me… fews day ago I bought casualty ” The Low Carb Revolution: Why the Secret to Losing Weight is to Fall Back in Love With Yourself!” by John McLean. Wow…Believe me since the first page I changed my mind… I wrote John because I had problem with the mp3 included into the book and I answered me quickly and in a gentle way that I’m not usual to encounter… At the first impression John was a very inspiring person…
In the meantime I’m reading this book that talk about change your point of views about yourself, your body, the society around you, the general belief…It’s not only a book about low carb nooo..it’s a sort of therapy…and you have the feeling that you’re not alone in this changing’s way… The same feeling I had yesterday reading a post on Fb by a virtual friend …and I felt the impulse to wrote him and told my appreciation…and ta da surprise surprise he answer me in a kindly way that I was so impressed…

Probably now I’m feeling all type of emotions because I’m working hard to open all my chacras on the yoga’s lessons…I really want to feel completely with my body, my mind and my soul. I perfectly know that it’s a risk but I want to try to improve my compassion, my kindness, my spiritual way…

You know the feeling that you’re changing but in the same time I having the same life…I really don’t have right words to explain that feeling but it’s like to look your cup of coffee and smell new scents…but it’s the same cup of coffee of yesterday you know?!
I’m feeling that somethings it’s to happen and I want stay and watch!
Probably I was inspired by a post written by Leo Babauta (another mentor for me!) The Wisdom of Allowing Things to Happen he talked about control of things: it’s an illusion! And he suggested you to stay and “just watch them work. You’ll learn much more about human nature, about the nature of the world, as you see things work without you controlling it. It might change you“….and really this new point of view and the entirely things that happened to me in this week having changing me..

For example I changed my daily routine: I added in my morning routine after I wake up a quick session of yoga. Only 20 minutes with sun salutation and other energetic poses ( look at this to get some ideas). Last week I started go to walking and today I run for 40 minutes. Another changhe? Now I’m 90% raw vegan…I followed a lot of great tips on the web (especially from Gena) and actually I’m experimenting my self with new vegan raw dishes…and surprise surprise I like that…it’s tremendous create your personal dishes!
Today for dinner I prepared my first vegan raw spring rolls and breakfast with fresh organic figs that I picked up in the morning before my run

So I perceiving my self more tidy and calm and patience. I’m having problem at work (that don’t depends of me but the society have problem with money..) and differently than the past I’m obviously scared but I’m positive, I’m not lay down…I stayed in the present feeling everything….like a quote from the legendary yogi, B.K.S. Iyengar:”change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be

I surprised from my self but in particular I’m surprising by the world around me…really if you want to change the world you must need to be the change…a different person but meanwhile simply you!



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