New start!

25 Jun

Hi everybody…

Today I started my walking’s workout and the result was…amazing… I walked for an hour with my five finger and my mp3 with empty head…ok not really empty but few times I forgot other stuff and I was fascinated about nature around me…and I discovered that a lot of people in my small town, like me, love walking!

But today I made another new start: I re-reading (and finished) Live Raw by Mimi Kirk…and I realized I forgot a lot of great lessons about raw plant-bases diet…Actually I’m 70% raw and totally vegan but I’m really trying to change my diet because it’s not very balanced (in some periods I eat a lot of carb and consequently I had problem with insulin and weight)… Today reading notions that I was sure to had in my hands I discovered that it’s no the real situation…and then I goes at the grocery and I bought some fresh vegetable, only apples and grapefruit I skipped carb products…I’l try to go totally raw in this week… And probably it’s the best way for me to find more balance not only for my body but mainly for my mind.

This afternoon I listened (and read) an interesting article by Allison Aubrey (here) by the way accidentally about obesity problem because people ate foods that our metabolism was adapted to and the necessity to choose a healthy (and vegan) diet…great piece!

I started my day with one lemon squeezed into a plenty glass of fresh water
lunch I had a delicious green smoothie with green swiss chard, frozen banana and coconut water
snack before my first walking’s session I eat one green apple
dinner I prepared cauliflower cous cous and raw ice cream with one pear, cinnamon and 1 tbs of cacao’s powder

( I must confess: before sleep probably I’ll have some sweets probably some figs…not bad! ^_^)

What do you think? Do you have same lifestyle?same problems with raw food?Any tips?
Please leave a comment, let me know your experience…


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