24 Jun

Hi Folks!

Finally I make a decision: tomorrow I’ll start to walking…
Ok I Know it’s not a big, difficult, crucial decision but it’s a decision. And in some ways it’s a very important decision for me.
I’m scared because tre months ago I had bad knee’s injuries and I was scared to run, to go upstair, to make simple movements…

Now I decide it’s the right time to start to fight my fear, my pain that it’s for the major part only in my mind…
I’ve an healthy body, good feet, my outfits, my black five fingers… and few minutes ago I found a perfect web site with a lot of great tips (look here).

I’m looking to find perfect place to do my first walking’s session…I’m so excited to do new things like that. I’m sure I’ve the chance to improve my health and my mind. I discovered that walking it’s a great activity to meditate and booster your productivity because it’ s space of time only for you feet&thoughts…

I have been considering bringing walking into my life a lot of times , now I may wonder where to begin.

The simple answer is start where I’m. Start now. I Don’t want to wait until the month after next when I”m sure I’ll at last have “more” time. Or wait until I’ve lost five pounds and might look better in my walking pants.Just start now.

I maded a list of reasons for delay..a list of all of the excuses that I have for NOT starting walking practice now . After I’ve completed my list, I simply acknowledge all of the reasons given and I tell myself that this is my starting point. In fact, every single reason on my list is completely unless…It’s only fear to try new things…to test my self…

And now I decide to testing me…It’s the right time….!!!
Tomorrow I must let you know how is gone!



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