Make time for learning

21 Jun

Hi Everybody,
yesterday I read ad interesting post about the important to Attend a Writing / Blogging Conference.
I reflected a lot about great intentions about reading lots of books and blog posts, and learning more about different areas of writing or blogging or in general  learning more about all your interest.

Actually I have a lot of unread books on my shelves (certain because I don’t have the courage to star reading because they are clearly connect with love’s past – but non enough past – emotions) and unread blog posts in my RSS reader.

Everyday I take notes, read newspaper, print some interesting post and I talk with my self ” you have a lot of time to read this, no rush, don’t worry”… but isn’t the true. If you look my desk you have only the chance to see a lot of pieces of paper, a lot of notes, a lot of stuff ready to read…But I’m not really ready to start…It’s because I’m worried to forget stuff, important information, great articles quotes, tips, and then I accumulate that in my desk and sometimes in my mind!!! Sometimes boredom and laziness really stopping me : when I return home I’m tired, I had other stuff to do and the the pieces of paper piles up!

The yesterday’s post gave me a new point of view: when you book a conference, you deliberately set aside focused time for learning. Plus, getting information in a live seminar is often more engaging than just reading a book … meaning you’ll be more likely to remember (and use) the things you learn. You put your total attention for the speeches and you don’t have any type of excuses to not stay focused.  In this type of situations you consciously take your time to do that: no excuses, you must to stay present to your self. One step at a time…

Then I realized that I need to focus about what I really want to learn in the specific time…For example if I need to write a post for a specific argument I’ll try to make research only for this job…and archive the other stuff that I encounter who cause me curiosity…I need to talk my self clearly : now it’s not the right time….!! Like a mantra One step at a time…One step at a time…One step at a time…

When you organize in a precisely way your “reading treasure” you’re more confident about the time that you be able to dedicate for this stuff… I know it’s an elementary lesson but  I don’t know why , people usually forget simple things …probably because they are “under your nose” and you just ignore that… and it’s the same work that I need to do everyday about my routine, my job, my next action!


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