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New start!

25 Jun

Hi everybody…

Today I started my walking’s workout and the result was…amazing… I walked for an hour with my five finger and my mp3 with empty head…ok not really empty but few times I forgot other stuff and I was fascinated about nature around me…and I discovered that a lot of people in my small town, like me, love walking!

But today I made another new start: I re-reading (and finished) Live Raw by Mimi Kirk…and I realized I forgot a lot of great lessons about raw plant-bases diet…Actually I’m 70% raw and totally vegan but I’m really trying to change my diet because it’s not very balanced (in some periods I eat a lot of carb and consequently I had problem with insulin and weight)… Today reading notions that I was sure to had in my hands I discovered that it’s no the real situation…and then I goes at the grocery and I bought some fresh vegetable, only apples and grapefruit I skipped carb products…I’l try to go totally raw in this week… And probably it’s the best way for me to find more balance not only for my body but mainly for my mind.

This afternoon I listened (and read) an interesting article by Allison Aubrey (here) by the way accidentally about obesity problem because people ate foods that our metabolism was adapted to and the necessity to choose a healthy (and vegan) diet…great piece!

I started my day with one lemon squeezed into a plenty glass of fresh water
lunch I had a delicious green smoothie with green swiss chard, frozen banana and coconut water
snack before my first walking’s session I eat one green apple
dinner I prepared cauliflower cous cous and raw ice cream with one pear, cinnamon and 1 tbs of cacao’s powder

( I must confess: before sleep probably I’ll have some sweets probably some figs…not bad! ^_^)

What do you think? Do you have same lifestyle?same problems with raw food?Any tips?
Please leave a comment, let me know your experience…



24 Jun

Hi Folks!

Finally I make a decision: tomorrow I’ll start to walking…
Ok I Know it’s not a big, difficult, crucial decision but it’s a decision. And in some ways it’s a very important decision for me.
I’m scared because tre months ago I had bad knee’s injuries and I was scared to run, to go upstair, to make simple movements…

Now I decide it’s the right time to start to fight my fear, my pain that it’s for the major part only in my mind…
I’ve an healthy body, good feet, my outfits, my black five fingers… and few minutes ago I found a perfect web site with a lot of great tips (look here).

I’m looking to find perfect place to do my first walking’s session…I’m so excited to do new things like that. I’m sure I’ve the chance to improve my health and my mind. I discovered that walking it’s a great activity to meditate and booster your productivity because it’ s space of time only for you feet&thoughts…

I have been considering bringing walking into my life a lot of times , now I may wonder where to begin.

The simple answer is start where I’m. Start now. I Don’t want to wait until the month after next when I”m sure I’ll at last have “more” time. Or wait until I’ve lost five pounds and might look better in my walking pants.Just start now.

I maded a list of reasons for delay..a list of all of the excuses that I have for NOT starting walking practice now . After I’ve completed my list, I simply acknowledge all of the reasons given and I tell myself that this is my starting point. In fact, every single reason on my list is completely unless…It’s only fear to try new things…to test my self…

And now I decide to testing me…It’s the right time….!!!
Tomorrow I must let you know how is gone!


About yesterday

22 Jun

Here we are: yesterday I talked about the necessity to paper free my life (not only my desk and my mind…!!!) and today I found this post (very useful, greatest coincidence!!) and I’d like to share with you:

Today’s One Minute Tip comes from Justin Klosky and the O.C.D. Experience: one minute tip how to paper-free your desk

The Star: Drawing from his life-long struggle with the clinical form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Justin has transformed the cumbersome disorder into an organization that promotes stress reduction and manageability. Branded as “Master Organizer” on CBS’s The Talk and “Organization Expert” on the Anderson Show with Anderson Cooper, Justin works hard to bring order to his clients’ lives. With O.C.D.’s guidance and expertise, clients can get through the most difficult obstacles to create a systematic approach to living.

Here the link:


Make time for learning

21 Jun

Hi Everybody,
yesterday I read ad interesting post about the important to Attend a Writing / Blogging Conference.
I reflected a lot about great intentions about reading lots of books and blog posts, and learning more about different areas of writing or blogging or in general  learning more about all your interest.

Actually I have a lot of unread books on my shelves (certain because I don’t have the courage to star reading because they are clearly connect with love’s past – but non enough past – emotions) and unread blog posts in my RSS reader.

Everyday I take notes, read newspaper, print some interesting post and I talk with my self ” you have a lot of time to read this, no rush, don’t worry”… but isn’t the true. If you look my desk you have only the chance to see a lot of pieces of paper, a lot of notes, a lot of stuff ready to read…But I’m not really ready to start…It’s because I’m worried to forget stuff, important information, great articles quotes, tips, and then I accumulate that in my desk and sometimes in my mind!!! Sometimes boredom and laziness really stopping me : when I return home I’m tired, I had other stuff to do and the the pieces of paper piles up!

The yesterday’s post gave me a new point of view: when you book a conference, you deliberately set aside focused time for learning. Plus, getting information in a live seminar is often more engaging than just reading a book … meaning you’ll be more likely to remember (and use) the things you learn. You put your total attention for the speeches and you don’t have any type of excuses to not stay focused.  In this type of situations you consciously take your time to do that: no excuses, you must to stay present to your self. One step at a time…

Then I realized that I need to focus about what I really want to learn in the specific time…For example if I need to write a post for a specific argument I’ll try to make research only for this job…and archive the other stuff that I encounter who cause me curiosity…I need to talk my self clearly : now it’s not the right time….!! Like a mantra One step at a time…One step at a time…One step at a time…

When you organize in a precisely way your “reading treasure” you’re more confident about the time that you be able to dedicate for this stuff… I know it’s an elementary lesson but  I don’t know why , people usually forget simple things …probably because they are “under your nose” and you just ignore that… and it’s the same work that I need to do everyday about my routine, my job, my next action!

Something about happiness

2 Jun

Hi Folks!
Firstly I hope you have good start’s week end…Today in my town, the sun was blissfully  making eyes at me..but I had a lot of stuff to do…and then I decided to stay at home..Was fine… I mean I know go out was more fine than to stay in my flat but I had the chance to do all things that in the week I’ll usually procastinate…I know also procastination it’s too bad…especially for me… I like to do everyday small things, put in order everything… but sometimes it’s too hard!

I started my morning reading an article about Kelle Hampton: inspiring me in a powerful way..especially when she said about happiness’s discovery: I know now that I am 100% responsible for my own happiness. It is a state of mind that is cultivated by my own choices and habits, not things or people. Yes, my children make me happy. Yes, sitting at the beach and watching a sunset makes me happy. But I cannot rely on other people and my environment to make me happy. I don’t ever want to make the mistake of thinking my happiness is dependent on something–a different job, more money, another child, wood floors, a remodeled bathroom, etc.
It’s exactly what I discovered during the last two year, after my broken (very very very important) relationship. Today while I was reading this article, I felt exactly all moods that I passed into…Fear, love, anger, happiness, jealousy, sadness, insecurity, selfishness, low self esteem, and above all the necessity to back to life. And that’s it now: I’m living, I’m dreaming, I’m doing good things and first of all I’m listening my soul!

Oh I’m sorry for this (sad?) jump into the past! To resume I read this beautiful article and I recharged my mind battery and my body and I decided to recompense my self with a delicious homemade raw ice cream:
I blend 1 banana frozen, chocolate powder, cocount and I decorate the surface with soaked oatmeal& raisins: delicious…! It’s a very healthy sweet for a break in the afternoon, milk free, raw, vegan and if you don’t like or tolerate gluten made that without oatmeal and you can use other stuff to decorate like almond or nuts… and ta-da: you have a very special and cheap ice cream! After that delicious’s break  I wrote some article for the vegan website where I’m actually working like a chef editor! YES FOLKS  I got a “promotion”…! It’s an amazing experience and I’m learning a lot of new stuff about editor’s world! I’m a lucky girl 😉

I want to share with you another great month’s discovery : I’ m reading everyday a beautiful raw vegan blog by Gena
I don’t have the right words to tell you how great it is…really…Actually I have an addiction for this site!!! I’ll invite you to read this blog, it’s very ispirational, very passionate, and you touch really with your hands what does mean be vegan raw, be a right person in a wrong world and how simple it to really love yourself and the people around you, the animal, the planet! Thank you Gena because everyday you give me some inspirational things, some ideas, a comfort spot where to go when the world around me goes crazy and great feelings that I’m trying to share with the others!

I like to greet you with a quote that I read this morning:

“Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined.”

Embrace the Unknown it’s my tip …


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