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Stop taking yourself too seriously

27 May

It’s a very inspirational post Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously from Dan Shipper.
I’d like to share with you this particular passage…

Here’s the problem with taking yourself too seriously: every experience you have can potentially jeopardize your self-importance. When your self-importance is jeopardized you become defensive, and then eventually stop doing whatever it was you were trying to get good at.
To gird yourself against this outcome, when you’re taking yourself too seriously, you do two things: you tend to model yourself after very successful people and refuse to take advice from others.

Thanks Dan!


Food Revolution Day

19 May

Chef Jamie Oliver has designated 19 may the first ever Food Revolution Day : people stand up for real food and share food education with your friends, sons,coworker and strangers!

The heart of the even is inspiring people to cook homemade meals from scratch, which can help make healthy food choices easier. If you show at your friend for example how to prepare fresh meals in a different ways and with different types of local , organic, fresh food you’ll take steps toward healthy food and lifestyle education.

Please support this event and partecipate by hosting a dinner party or an educational event in your house like a workshop, or seminar or cooking demo!Also The Food Revolution Day website can help you find an event near you!

You can make really the difference! Go healthy, go green, go vegan!

Messy desk isn’t equal to creativity

13 May

 Recently I’ trying to clearing my” working” life at home: I cleared my schedule as much as possible; wrapped up old projects, cleared my email inbox and other inboxes, my computer files, paperwork and finally my desk…I was really pretending to be a creativity person only because my desk was in the mess…!It’s a lie…Totally…A lie that a told my self to justifying my procrastination to do that.

Finally today I decide to star with a big step: I took four hours to clear the desk (and around the desk) and have more space, clearing useless stuff like papers, magazines, old notes, empty bottles of water, “dead” pens, and other things that usually a bring to me but that aren’t relevant for my work in my studio. Was a big work…really…a lose a lot of energy to do that… Then I told my self “you need rules to observe when you’re sitting in front on your desk”. And I made this list:

1- Remove all things that you don’t use habitually

2- Stay focus on your work/project and make one thing for time with few stuff

3- Don’t lean on the desk useless object only because you have that stuff in your hand. Put all things in a specific closet

4- Don’t eat in front of the desk: use this moment to have a little break (and stop to eat/drink junkie food!!!!)

5- Have always near you a notebook and write down every thoughts

6- Eliminate post it you have your notebook you don’t need to fill your wall with yellow stickers

7-Try to distinguish stuff actionable in five minutes and put that in a specific in box, stuff unfeasible at the moment and put that in a project plan’s box and stuff not important in an outbox.

8-Have near the desk a dust cloth to clean “possible disaster” especially if like me you use fibre tip

9- Have a bottle of water sot stay properly hydrated but not near the computes please!!!!

10- Everyday when you finish to work tidy up your desk

Probably I’ll need others rules but in the meantime I ‘ll try to use that and try to improve my “clean’s phase”.


Do you have other ideas relating to organizing, cleaning, home and office projects, productivity? Please sharing thoughts…!

Prayer and Change

12 May

When I was a child, usually I prayed every times I saw a cruel or unfair stuff.

I prayed a certain God to turn bad stuff in good stuff,  I prayed a lot but nothing happened. Then I stopped to pray and to believe in human people, in God or something else… I was a strange and pessimistic little girl. I didn’t have pink dream only blue vision of life.

By the time I changed my mind: I stopped to try to change people around me and I started to change my self, mi ideas about justices, about what was right and wrong… And when I started to change me, people around me changed.

Like a magic spell. Everything around me became like my vision. And I touched the happiness to be a right person in a wrong world.

I became vegetarian and after vegan, I embraced anti by day I changed my point of view and a lot of things happened. I understand that: if you want to live a better world you need to be the first person who make the revolution, you need to shake the entirely people around you not with fear or arrogance but with your example, with your words, with passion for what do you think it’s important. Whit love and care.

I made a lot of mistake, I know perfectly and I didn’t every time the right choose but I payed for my mistakes and now I’m proud because I’m building a person who embrace love for all creatures in the planet and who understand that: the change it’s possible not praying a sort of God but praying for yourself.

If you don’t have nothing to do, how do you pretend to share with other people? You need to enrich yourself  honestly, be present in the moment living day by day, taking risk, taking time for your soul and yes believe in miracles but not in God’s miracle, but in your personal miracle.

Miracles happens when you turn your dreams, your thoughts in action in the real life!

 and this is the demonstration of love. Thank you


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