rules or manifesto?

28 Apr

Few days ago I wrote a sort of manifesto or list about rules to live by…

1)Be kind

2)Have a sense of humor

3)Write down any things you see bad or good

4)Sing out loud even if badly

5)Dance even with no rhythm

6)If you don’t have nothing to say smile and …you know…shut up!

7)Find thing you love to do and do it!

8)Be grateful for what you have right now

9)Have a sadness kit with candy, sad movies, rag Teddy bear

10)Do yoga and meditation

11)Don’t worry  everyone on facebook seem like they have happier and funner lives. They don’t

12)Tell someone you love that you love them

13)Forgive yourself for not being perfect

14)Take more pictures

15)Try to connect with nature every day

16)Be passionate

17)When everything around you go mad: breathe, take a long deep and connect with who you are

18)Practice mindfulness living the present moment

19)Uncluttered the mess in your mind and in your house

20)Go slowly


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