my little river (of ideas!)

27 Apr

Title of the post: nonsense….I admit…

I ‘m writing and not thinking so much, I’m sorry for that! I had in my mind a lot of ideas to share with you but I don’t really have a precisely list…Ok I’m done…!

1)Today is a Arbor Day in all the world: please celebrate the Nature planting a small little plant…I planted a beautiful plant of Italian Basil..very special in my opinion I noticed that plant had a magic green color and a wrapping smell…!

2)Actually I’m sick: yes I know it’s to bad in the middle of the springtime but this is the situation and I’ll trying to accept all things; but I confessed you it’s no easy..on the contrary this drive me crazy. But the destiny would be gentle with me and for two days send me a precious friend who gave me all attentions that I needed. I felt like a part of something between us. Ok I’m sure was the fever but I was sick and happy. Now I’m only sick and a little bit tired (and I miss my friend a lot…lot…lot…)!

3)Few weeks ago I had the fortune to “talk” virtually with Michael Balducci founder of! Oh Gosh It’s very passionte about veg food and healthy living. And I had a brilliant idea: prepare vegan meals and delivery on your home/office or whatever you want! It’s fantastic. In my country it’s impossible to find similar service. Please please please go on his website: it’s amazing!!!!Support and share this idea…I’m sure it’s for the best!

4)Last week was my birthday and my bestfriends bought for me a veggie “cheese”cake I need to post the photo because was very special and soon I’ll cooking similar cake for my family.

5)I’m at home since sunday…and I had a lot of time to read and listen music. I want to share with you the discovery of the week ( if it’s possible to call in this way that tips!)

I’m reading Natural Healing Trough Ayurveda from Doc Subhash Ranade: fantastic!!! I’m very fascinating about ayurveda because it’s a very important part of my new resolutions for this year like yoga, and put out stress and be patience…and I think it’s work…!I’m pretty sure about that. Instead I’m reading I’m listening very nice music from Angus And Julia: Stone Down the Way-(Deluxe_Edition album 2010) very lovely music…adapt for the soul and the hearth. Simple in the composition and in the words…I literally love this album and another time I need to thank you to my friend who put his headphones in my ear (when we’re in the park) without words or other explanations…just for fun, just to stay there together with another things in common…!

I’d like to close this crazy post with another beautiful pic

 This beautiful flower it’s a gift unexpected from my friend I don’t know why but this gesture gave me a sense of peace with the universe… A delicate balance…

Peace&Love at all


One Response to “my little river (of ideas!)”

  1. FZ 2012/04/27 at 7:39 pm #

    Happy Arbor Day. 🙂



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