8 Apr

sometimes in your life things happens…bad things, weird things, good things…

You need to try to accept that, like a deep: ahead  and back…continuously but in a gentle way. It’s not necessary to grow tense, it’s bad attitude, because in this mode deep punch your need to be like a water, adapt your self to the situation but without forget who you are. Trying to stay flexible and in the same time strong with your ethic and your mission in this life. Try to understand why things happens it’s to hard, try to adapt your mind and your body in different situations it’s hard too but it’s possible.

usually make me comfortable in the first time try to understand but immediately I know it’s good for me go ahead and change the point of view, focusing my mind in what I really want and try to modify the path in my favor… Like a sailor who change the sails to catch up the right wind.

Today I realized that life go ahead with or without you…Life don’t care if you don’t be able to keep up with: but you deserve to live your life everyday in totally presence. You deserve to be happy, you deserve respect, you deserve to try ad make a mistake, make the right action or stay and breathe. Look around you, you’re not alone, if you read this words and you think ” yes that happen me too” you realize you’re not alone, because I wrote this words thinking about my experiences but also thinking of you.

I want to share my thoughts because I don’t know other ways to talk with the rest of the world. In this blog, usually a share happy things…Today I’m not in a good mood and I share the dark side of me, because I want to be a real person, a truth person than the past.


Sat Nam


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