Another goal: change my daily routine!

24 Mar

Yessss….!  I finally rescheduled my day with just simple tricks 😉 it’s easy to change few things day by day!

I’m getting out of bed earlier not only in the week also in my days-off . Actually I’m getting up at 06 am and I have time to read news , to have a relaxing shower and go out without rush! It’s very useful  to plan your day the night before: your mind it’s free to make a good  sleep!

I’m using my commuting time in a productively way than the past: I’m reading a lot when I take the bus or I’m listening   language courses or if I’m very tired it’s useful for me to listen mantras!

At work I’m trying to stay focused without procrastination or interruptions, and I’m trying to take the important things like a first action when I arrived at the office. It I need to take a break I go on the first floor ( actually I moved at the third floor in a big and bright office!) and get a glass of water and I use to go up the stairs…few minutes and I refresh my self….!

I’m going home on time: I’m join in a pilates class and yoga class in a different day in the week . To have appointment out of the office give you a chance to finish your work in time and enjoy the rest of the day… It’s no necessary to join a gym class ( but in my opinion it’s a good habit have exercise three time a week), follow your passion, give a big huge to yourself!

I’m preparing at home my lunch and carry on at office: it’s healthy, cheap and easy…!and I don’t have much time to cook during the week I’ll try to making extra portions at the week end and to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables.

You see? few thing but…Now I’m very proud of me…and I don’t now why but my life seems to simple than in the past!

ahhhh today I prepared a very yummy raw dessert

1 banana frozen

1 cup of fresh strawberries

1 tbs of coconut powder



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