My first goal for the 2012

16 Mar

Yes!Finally this month I archived my first year’s goal: re-starting yoga and pilates’s class….!

I’m very happy and I rediscover the healthy pleasure that gave me yoga and meditation with other people in the past. Actually I’m in a class with only woman and they are very supportive, with a special positive energy and the teacher Valeria is very kind and gentle person with a big smile …very Yogi person…

In the past months I recharged my self and now I’m feeling energetic and positive about all side of my life… I’m working well, I’m eating healthy, I’m running 2/3 times a week, I’m listening all type of music, I’m reading a lot, I’m improving everyday my english, I’m writing about vegan lifestyle in a  vegan website , I’m curious and I’m trying to appreciate all aspect of my life negative and positive…! I like to share everything with other people around me, without judgment or prejudices…

it’s absolutely true if you want to see the right light for your life, it’s necessary to walk in the dark way’s pain… now I’m free to decide, to make mistake and to do things very well… because I’m I…. two special words…very magic spell…

Namaste at all…



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