new year new resolution!

31 Dec

THANKS: to all the souls that I have been close friends in this tough year that is coming to an end. Thanks for the love you gave me and that I have not been able to reciprocate, for every kind word and gesture, which I accepted. Thanks for putting up with all my gleanings, and wanted me despite everything. Thanks to all the people I had the chance to know and love, to those who are still at my side (holy patience you have!) And those that I missed but that is always with me indelible in the hearts and minds. Thanks for all the moment of your time was spent on me and with me. Thanks for every laugh, tear, lunch, fight, dinner, hug, coffee, handshake, thinking that there was for me and with me. My wish for all, is a wonderfully and intense New Year, full and rich of adventures and love … I will in the new year be to be a better person than I was in this year and in years past and correct the errors and rebuild on the ruins …

I’d like to suggest to read this article by by SCOTT HENSLEY..very useful…

  Go Fort … Happy New Year ….


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