winter is coming

22 Dec

and yes also I had flu   -__-   etciu’!

I knwo it’s too bad have flu nearness Christmas Holidays but it’s not my fault… but I’m fighting the virus with only natural remedies…and yes they works… Yep…  I’m not surprise, your body know very well the ways to be good, sometimes he need and external aid…and what do you think? I gave him green and red smoothie rich in vitamin C and very energetic!

The other side of the flu it’s that: you have time to rest, you have time for yourself …it’s no necessary do stuff…only stay with your body, soul and mind..and listen the messages they would give you.. You have time to stay in your bad without watching the clock, without deadline, you have the  chance to switch off you cell phone, your pc, isn’t necessary to stay connect with the rest of the world…Close the door and travel with your imagination… Try…and tell me…!

Today I start my morning with two good things:

1) my first article for This Dish is Vegetarian was posting! Yep…I’m very proud! Click here if you’re curious

2)special orange mousse with oat soaked, raisins, coconut, orange, flax seeds and sun flower seeds… fresh, ideal for my sore throat, rich in vitamin C and sweetie…

Winter is coming..also Christmas…I didn’t buy any gift..I’ll try to handmade them…It’s a challenge for me because everybody know that: i’m not able with this type of stuff but I’ll try to do my best…It’s important try, try and try…and if you failed..don’t worry it’s a special part of the job…the failure improve your self-confidence… I’ll suggest a little trick to star your new year in a good way ( and in a good mood!!!) ” store” your failures and look them in an another side: trial, tests, ordeal…give what type of names do you prefer but look this like a trial period…You tried to chance…and now it’s possible for you find a new way to really change your life! It’s easy like a breathe…try and tell me….

Well it’s time for me to go…Have a nice day!!!


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