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new year new resolution!

31 Dec

THANKS: to all the souls that I have been close friends in this tough year that is coming to an end. Thanks for the love you gave me and that I have not been able to reciprocate, for every kind word and gesture, which I accepted. Thanks for putting up with all my gleanings, and wanted me despite everything. Thanks to all the people I had the chance to know and love, to those who are still at my side (holy patience you have!) And those that I missed but that is always with me indelible in the hearts and minds. Thanks for all the moment of your time was spent on me and with me. Thanks for every laugh, tear, lunch, fight, dinner, hug, coffee, handshake, thinking that there was for me and with me. My wish for all, is a wonderfully and intense New Year, full and rich of adventures and love … I will in the new year be to be a better person than I was in this year and in years past and correct the errors and rebuild on the ruins …

I’d like to suggest to read this article by by SCOTT HENSLEY..very useful…

  Go Fort … Happy New Year ….


winter is coming

22 Dec

and yes also I had flu   -__-   etciu’!

I knwo it’s too bad have flu nearness Christmas Holidays but it’s not my fault… but I’m fighting the virus with only natural remedies…and yes they works… Yep…  I’m not surprise, your body know very well the ways to be good, sometimes he need and external aid…and what do you think? I gave him green and red smoothie rich in vitamin C and very energetic!

The other side of the flu it’s that: you have time to rest, you have time for yourself …it’s no necessary do stuff…only stay with your body, soul and mind..and listen the messages they would give you.. You have time to stay in your bad without watching the clock, without deadline, you have the  chance to switch off you cell phone, your pc, isn’t necessary to stay connect with the rest of the world…Close the door and travel with your imagination… Try…and tell me…!

Today I start my morning with two good things:

1) my first article for This Dish is Vegetarian was posting! Yep…I’m very proud! Click here if you’re curious

2)special orange mousse with oat soaked, raisins, coconut, orange, flax seeds and sun flower seeds… fresh, ideal for my sore throat, rich in vitamin C and sweetie…

Winter is coming..also Christmas…I didn’t buy any gift..I’ll try to handmade them…It’s a challenge for me because everybody know that: i’m not able with this type of stuff but I’ll try to do my best…It’s important try, try and try…and if you failed..don’t worry it’s a special part of the job…the failure improve your self-confidence… I’ll suggest a little trick to star your new year in a good way ( and in a good mood!!!) ” store” your failures and look them in an another side: trial, tests, ordeal…give what type of names do you prefer but look this like a trial period…You tried to chance…and now it’s possible for you find a new way to really change your life! It’s easy like a breathe…try and tell me….

Well it’s time for me to go…Have a nice day!!!

busy (but beautiful) week

17 Dec

Hi Everyone,

another week as come..very busy week at work but rich in surprises..

 I received Monday a Christmas Gift Card from London, from Irene a strong woman how I knew this summer in the north of the island… She had the patience to teach me a few movements about Tai Chi and to talk with me about her life, her troubles…she shared with me a lot of special emotions…and I’m very thankful for that experience…

Yesterday after work office I stopped at the organic store and bought a a few stuff for the week end..In the order:


pollen, acai’ juice, red blueberries, soy delicacies, bulgur and quinoa, oatmeal, silken soy, food yeast, gomasio, millet, wheat germ and for dinner I sauted cauliflowers with carrots, fennel, gomasio, curry and a tbs of ginger…very special dish! I’m very proud of me!

Today I started my morning with a very healthy green smoothie (Victoria Boutenko docet!). I prepared my personal version with: spinach, raisins, tbs vanilla powder, half cucumber, one banana, tbs pollen, a few sparkling water…

I blender the ingredients for a few minutes and the result was very yummy and very energetic for the entire morning I was rich in energy and good mood! In my opinion green it’s a beautiful color and in the past I did a search and I discovered green color is: the color of the balance. Usually associate a positive feeling like harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace.  Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever and is, therefore, restful. Being in the centre of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance – a more important concept than many people realise. When the world about us contains plenty of green, this indicates the presence of water, and little danger of famine, so we are reassured by green, on a primitive level. Negatively, it can indicate stagnation and, incorrectly used, will be perceived as being too bland.

And this is the smoothie that I drunk  ^_^ slurp!!

This weekend I ‘ll plan a lot of interesting things for first tonight I’ll go with my parents to friend’s house for Christmas Lottery and tomorrow night my sister in law have a Christmas Concert in a old church ( Santo Sepolcro, whose most astonishing feature is an enormous 17th-century gilded wooden altarpiece housing a figure of the Virgin Mary) in my city.

It’s all for the moment..I’ll write later! Enjoy the timeeeee!!!

Heads of Cabbage

12 Dec

Hi everyone,

yesterday I saw a beautiful concert at the university library :  Heads of Cabbage ( trio composed by  Chris Kennedy (violin and voice), Angelica Turno (violin), Mario Garau (guitar).   pure Irish music ^_^

I also had beautiful pictures! 

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