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beautiful surprise

31 Aug

een prachtig en onverwacht geschenk van Munster …

Vriendschap kent geen grenzen!



discovery of the week

28 Aug

walking on the shopping center Auchan I discovered this product:  Aloe vera brand SAMA (

 It’s a chopped aloe vera with his syrup…You can use that to make cookies, cakes, yogurt and…smoothie…!

In fact it’s that I decided to made…

I prepared  a funny ( but delicious!) smoothie with few ingredients:

1 cup of ice herbal infusion (taste red fruits but you can also use other tastes…)

3/8 cup of re-dried mix esotic fruits ( coconut, banana, mango, papaya,raisin)

1 tsp agave syrup

1/2 cup of aloe with syrup

Mixed all in the blender and….this was the result: 

Very fresh taste!!!!

Good week end!

black and white

27 Aug

empty fridgeHi everyone…

today it’s a beautiful saturday…the last august saturday (…finally…I don’t like very well the hot summer!)

I got up at 8.00 am and I saw my fridge was totally empty…mumble mumble…what’s for breakfast?

Ta da…strange idea: black and white smoothie.


1/3 cup  white rice

3 cup cool water (very cool)

1 tsp raisin

1 tsp coconut’s flour

1 tsp bitter aloes

1 tsp carob’s flour


first step prepare instantaneous rice milk blending rice with cool water. After filter the with milk and divide the milk into two different jars. Blend the milk in the jar number one  with a half part of raisin, aloe and coconut and put in the fridge. Blend the milk in the jar number two with the rest of recipes plus carob;s flour. Put in the fridge for ten minutes. Et voilà we have two delicious smoothie…!

Easy, fast and frugal breakfast!!!

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