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24 Jul


I’m here to write about simpler living and give everyday tips and thoughts with my experience….

Probably simple living as a lifestyle with a deliberate focus on paring away the unnecessary and eliminating excess. Simple living is about learning to do things for yourself and being as self-sufficient as possible. It’s about being frugal (but not stingy) with your resources and your time, taking steps to reduce and hopefully eliminate your debts, and preparing wisely for the future.

I’m trying to live a spartan lifestyle…I like this words Spartan especially when we use about woman…! In the past I was very naive girl, superficial about money, lifestyle and other useless things…. Recently I’m reading this book : Simple Living A back to basic Guide to Cleaning, Furnishing, Storing, Decluttering, Streamlining, Organizing and more . I accidentally bought this book on Amazon.com the price was good ( $1.99 kindle edition) and I thought ” why not…!?!” …

At the same time I read an article about Tim Kasser, who holds a doctorate in psychology and wrote The High Price of Materialism, explains that genuinely happy people express “intrinsic values” through self-exploration and self-acceptance, by maintaining close personal relationships and developing “community feeling.” In contrast, those who exhibit “extrinsic values” associated with the pursuit of wealth, status and image tend to display narcissistic behavior, to be less empathetic, have lower self-esteem and have lifestyles that are less eco-friendly. Even at middle school age, materialistically oriented students are “less likely to do relatively simple things (for the environment) like turn off lights when no one is looking,” Kasser says, “and less likely to reuse stuff.”

And then I had that idea: wrote a blog, share with other people experiences, tips and tools….!



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